Saturday, 28 February 2009

What's in a Name

A new website has appeared, on Friday it described itself as the website of the Conservative and UUP joint committee. This had changed by today. Earlier this afternoon when I looked I distinctly remember it having at the top of the page 2 parallel sections one titled "Conservative Headlines" and the other titled "Ulster Unionist Headlines." Returning now to blog on it I find this has changed and it merely has Conservative Headlines. At the bottom of the page where it used to state that the page was the site of the Joint Committee it now says "The Conservative Party is committed to Northern Ireland and has registered this site for campaigning purposes. The site will be live soon."

some Ulster Unionist supporters seem a tad irritated that the website has left "Ulster" out of its title.

Ignited on Redemptions Son says:

"Idiotic behaviour as demonstrated by those in the Conservative Party who are either enabling this counter-productive activity or are turning a blind eye to it must be stopped at once. All this will achieve is a reaction that will be pounced upon by the detractors of the 'New Force' of rifts appearing.

PS. An anonymous source has informed Redemption's Son that a maverick NI Tory is behind a lot of the goings on, and that action will be taken."

So there you have it, mavericks and a lot of fuss about a name, welcome to Northern Ireland politics lads.

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